Sunday, February 6, 2011


The day before Halloween we had a trunk-or-treat with the ward. Joe and I dressed up as farmers and Shaylie and Casen were our little chickens!

After we had all of the trunk-or-treating we could handle we went to Chad and Elise's with the Buhler's. Jack was a chicken also and Leighton was the cutest little devil! They were tired and none of them were very excited to have their picture taken.

On Halloween Shaylie dressed up as a little fairy princess. She had so much fun trick-or-treating! Even though it was raining and freezing cold outside.

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Nick and Dani said...

That picture of Casen and the other boy 'learning to share' was so funny! I also LOVE the farmer and chicken costumes! Did you buy them or make them yourselves?