Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girls Night! (with the kids)

A couple weeks ago Joe and Chad were out hunting and Jason was off fighting fires. So Elise, Lindsay and I decided to have a girls night! We went to Zupas and the kids entertained... or irritated everyone sitting around us. Then we decided to walk across the parking lot to Cold Stone to get some ice cream and entertain all of the people there. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a great time!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Look Who Turned 3!!!

Ok so I have been working on getting this posted for quite some time now. Shaylie turned 3 earlier this month. It was so much fun! We started out the day with some pampering, she got her hair all done up like a princess and we painted her toenails. Next we went to Joe's work so he could give her some balloons. And then we did a little shopping to get ready for the party. As we were leaving the store she said "Oh, wait mom we forgot to get me an outfit." So she picked out the dress she is wearing. She absolutely loves being pampered. She is such a girl in every sense of the word!

Showing off her beautiful pedicure and her new flip flops from grandma Durfey. (Shaylie took this picture, she did a pretty good job)

She loved helping me decorate her cake.

All of her cousins came to help her celebrate. (except for Kingston, we missed you!)

Alexis, Grandma Rich and Sammy.

This is Joe taking us to the gun show just before lighting the candles. (yes we are all impressed)

I think the Happy Birthday song is one of her favorites! She sings it daily. I love the smile on her face in this picture, it warms my heart.

Shaylie waits all year long to put her face in the cake. She asked me the other day if she could bite my cake after I blow out the candles on my birthday. She cracks me up!

I think this girl got everything she wished for and then some!

Thanks everyone for making this day special for Shaylie. We really had so much fun!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Makeup Already?

Shaylie decided to do her own makeup the other day. She did a pretty decent job I thought, all except for the lipstick. I think she was trying to make her lips a little fuller by coloring out side the line. She may have gone a little overboard.

What a girly girl!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas Morning!

I just love Christmas! Its my favorite time of year. This is Casen's first Christmas. As you can see he is super excited and can't wait to open presents!

I think he was still a little groggy. He was the last one up :)
Shaylie had so much fun opening all of her presents.
She was so good to help casen with his presents and made sure he was having fun as well.

Shaylie and Joe rock'n around the Christmas tree. Rock on Shay :)

The after math.

Thank You Santa for the super fun Christmas!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My little Dancer

In December Shaylie had her very first Dance recital! She was so excited to dance on the "big stage." And we were excited to watch her. Her class was Suzy Snowflake. It was so cute. Her whole class did a fantastic job!! Although, I have to say Shaylie did the very best :)

Just after finishing her make-up. Im not sure but I think she LOVES getting dressed up.

Hanging out back stage with her class and all the other dancers waiting patiently for her turn to dance on the "big stage."

Isn't she just the cutest little Suzy Snowflake?

Casen really enjoyed watching the show with Katie. What a good little boy he is.

Jordan and Katie congratulating Shaylie on a job well done.

Great job Shaylie, we are so proud of you!

After the show Santa came so all the kids could tell him what they want for Christmas. Shaylie wouldn't sit on his lap, but she made sure she told him what she wanted. Silly girl. Maybe next year she will sit on his lap.