Sunday, February 6, 2011


The day before Halloween we had a trunk-or-treat with the ward. Joe and I dressed up as farmers and Shaylie and Casen were our little chickens!

After we had all of the trunk-or-treating we could handle we went to Chad and Elise's with the Buhler's. Jack was a chicken also and Leighton was the cutest little devil! They were tired and none of them were very excited to have their picture taken.

On Halloween Shaylie dressed up as a little fairy princess. She had so much fun trick-or-treating! Even though it was raining and freezing cold outside.

Look Who Turned 1!! (a few months ago)

So Casen turned 1 a few months ago, and I decided that I couldn't just skip over his birthday. My camera wasn't working so lucky for you I only have a few decent pictures.

All of Casen's cousins came, and his friends Leighton and Jack (who for some reason didn't make it in the picture) came to help celebrate!!!

He was a little shy at first when it came to digging into the cake, but he got the hang of it eventually!

I just thought this was a cute picture. Casen and Sammy are learning to share. All of the kids loved this toy and its one of Casen's favorite!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Me and the Kids! (and Grandma)

Way back in Sept. 2010 Joe had an elk hunt he went on with his dad and brothers. He had planned to take a whole week off. I wasn't going to let him have all the fun, so his mom and I planned a trip to California to visit Grandma Healey who was serving a mission there.

Grandma Healey had just gotten home from the mission office minutes before we pulled up. It was so fun to see her and visit.

The next morning we took Shaylie and Casen to Disneyland while Grandma Healey was working in the office. We ate breakfast at Ariel's Gratto. The food was delicious! Worth every penny.

Shaylie and Casen were so excited to meet the princesses! Ok well Casen probably didn't even care but Shaylie couldn't even eat she was sooo excited!!

Shaylie's favorite was Cinderella. Grandma Durfey and I both agree Cinderella was our favorite too! Snow White is a close second.

Then Shaylie got to meet "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" as she calls him. Im not sure if she was more excited to meet Mickey Mouse or Cinderella. She walked up to him and said in her cute little voice "I am so excited to meet you!" And then gave him a great big hug.

The Next day was Saturday and it was Grandma Healeys P day. So we decided to go to the beach. Joe's cousin David and his wife were in California for a family reunion so they came with us.

The first thing we did when we got there was bury Shaylie in the sand.

Then we played in the water. Grandma Durfey left her swim suit at home so she got to play in her shorts and a t-shirt.

Shaylie and Casen loved playing in the waves. Casen would get so excited when the waves would come rolling in on him. As long as he didnt get water in his nose and mouth.

Shaylie wanted to build a sandcastle. So we used the little cups we brought and built a little castle.

I dont know if they had more fun building it or destroying it. My guess would be they had way more fun destroying it!

We had such a fun trip! Im not sure but I think we probably had more fun in California than the boys had hunting. Thanks Grandma Durfey for coming with us. And Thanks Grandma Healey for letting us visit. We love you lots.